Next Story
by Dalcohs

We are just about at the end of this unnecessarily long storyline. When I started Asunder, over a year ago, my intention was to have this be a serial adventure that just blurred from one storyline to the next. I also thought I might be able to have a "gag-a-day" feel to it, with each page having a self-contained punchline. Well, the old adage is true, comedy is hard. I'd like to think I've learned a little bit about story writing in that time. The storyline slowly took on an actual shape and now has a discernable ending.

That does not mean Asunder is done. I do have a new story in the works. Hopefully it will come across as much tighter and thought out than the last one. Since we are making a shift like this, this is a good time to get feedback from you. Leave a comment on one of the pages, or shoot me an email at Let me know what you like about Asunder, and what you aren't too fond of. What character's are your favorite, which do you want to see more of? Also, how do you feel about the horizontal layout? I've thought about switching to the traditional vertical layout, but I'm not sure about it.

I will be taking some time off, hopefully not more than a month. In that hiatus, I'll be working on the next story. I'll also try to post a few tidbits up week to week, maybe even some character sheets.

New Changes
by Dalcohs

If you're a returning reader, Thank You! I hope you've been enjoying the adventures of Corbin and the gang! You may also notice that the site's changed just a bit.

I've found myself with some extra time on my hands, so I updated the front page to make it easier for readers to get where they want to go. New readers can get to the beginning and returning readers can get to the newest page. It also prevents new readers from seeing any spoilers before they get caught up. 

 The site may change a bit more before it's all done. I hope to add a characters page before it's all over, and maybe some other stuff as well.