November 21, 2013 in Prologue

Don't Flip Out

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Don't Flip Out
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Author Notes:

Dalcohs 11/21/2013, 8:00 AM edit delete
Today's the day for the exciting chase scene. Ava's quite the acrobat, but it's not quite enough to keep her out of trouble.

To make it easier for you returning readers, I've changed the home page to show the most recent comic instead of starting with the first. I think we're far enough in now for that to make sense.

For first time visitors, feel free to read from the beginning by clicking the "<<First" option above.


cattservant 11/21/2013, 8:16 AM edit delete reply
Ava is pretty big to fly off with...
Dalcohs 11/24/2013, 6:47 PM edit delete reply
Thanks for reading! Ava is a little older that the harpy's usual prey, she's a little quicker too.
cattservant 11/25/2013, 11:43 AM edit delete reply
Looking at the harpy's dental state
in the last panel,
Ava is probably too chewy as well!
Khulthagar 6/18/2015, 7:50 AM edit delete reply
Hahaha, she REALLY is a harpy!
So ugly!